TKMindHac offers these life and mind-changing workshops as seen below. Click on the links to take you to each workshop page for more details.

Male Journey & Female Journey

Workshop Details: Both the Male Journey and Female journey are designed to put you back into the driver’s seat of life. One is designed purely for males and the other purely for females, and for good reason. It matters not how you identify yourself gender-wise; both workshops are designed to create a sense of self-acceptance in the body you are journeying this life within. This is of paramount importance because if you are rejecting your vehicle (physical body and mind) in preference to attempting to be something and/or somebody else, you will miss the most significant entity in your life – YOU!! The most powerful person in your life right now is you, why try to be anyone or anything else? All are welcome without judgement.

Both Journeys are a six-week workshop held on Tuesday evenings for the Male Journey and on Thursday evenings for the Female Journey. Each evening starts at 6.30 pm for 3 hours with a 15-minute break in between. All written workshop material is provided as is coffee and biscuits for the break. Click here for more details.

Anger Management Workshop

Anger – it’s one of those things you can either handle correctly or not. It all boils down to knowing yourself emotionally which is called ’emotional intelligence’, knowing yourself as a being of depth, and knowing when you are thinking with an understanding of what you are thinking and where those thoughts have come from.

This workshop takes you on a quick journey to the past and possible future. How would you feel if you finally discovered the person you are without the problem of anger and rage? You will experience a new way to release those stressed, frustrated and angry feelings. An in-depth journey into your mind and its habits will shine a light on why you react to issues and experience frustration and anger/rage. Click here for more details.