Tony Kane Mind-Health and Awareness offers an alternative to traditional counselling and therapy methods.

Tony provides a professional counselling experience with a mindful, compassionate and thought-provoking approach. Teaching and guiding you through processes that will enhance your conscious decisions and a higher state of self-awareness.

You can, with his guidance:

* Discover how to take a mindful and proactive approach to all of the issues you are experiencing right now.

* learn how easy it is to use mindful meditations to enhance the creation of meaningful and positive thoughts – leading to a positive, meaningful and joyful life.

* Discover how to be self-motivated and self-inspired by your ability to think creatively. You can change the way you think, feel, behave and live.

* learn how to create loving depth in your relationships just by discovering the authentic essence of yourself; control your thoughts and actions by learning the secrets and depth of your mind.

* anger is one of those emotions that can get out of hand with disastrous results for all who come within close proximity to it. You can join a workshop to help you understand it (found here) or you can experience a non-judgemental and compassionate one-on-one session.

When you step through the doors of Tony Kane Mind-Health & Awareness, you are stepping into your true potential and beginning the most exciting journey of your own.

Tony is ready to see you now.