Anger Management

Anger – it’s one of those things you can either handle correctly or not. It all boils down to knowing yourself emotionally which is called ’emotional intelligence’, knowing yourself as a being of depth, and knowing when you are thinking with an understanding of what you are thinking and where those thoughts have come from.

Stress, the perception of an unrelenting and harsh world, the frustration of not being heard or seen, and being bought up in an abusive family, are only some of the experiences causing unwanted beliefs about one’s self that creates unmanageable and uncontrollable anger.

Anger in itself is not wrong, but how we express it can be damaging to ourselves and those around us. I don’t know of anyone who enjoys being so angry they hurt those they love the most. Those who experience this problem, can look outside themselves and attempt to deal with the issue by employing anything external to themselves such as alcohol, drugs, extra relationships and the like. Unfortunately, these types of strategies only work for a short period; they are short term distractions at best.

This workshop takes you on a quick journey to the past and possible future. How would you feel if you finally discovered the person you are without the problem of anger and rage? You will experience a new way to release those stressed, frustrated and angry feelings. An in-depth journey into your mind and its habits will shine a light on why you react to issues and experience frustration and anger/rage.

This workshop allows for a minimum of 5 participants per workshop. The workshop goes for 3 weeks at 3 hours per session (a total of 9 hours)

Cost per participant: $315.00 Payment due on session One
Early bird $295.00 Payment is due within two weeks before the starting date of the workshop.

Payment option: 2 payments of $170.00 The first payment is due beginning of the workshop, 2nd Payment of $170.00 is due on week 2 of the workshop.

Times: Wednesday 6.30 pm start to 8.30 pm finish. Dates will be posted on this page as and when they become available

All payments are cash or card.

Refunds are solely at the discretion of Tony Kane Counselling and no correspondence will be entered into.

Included in the Anger Management Workshop:

* Meditation: each session will be started with a meditation to set the night. Another two or three meditations will be added through the night. The use of meditation is an important factor in becoming aware of yourself and the emotions you are experiencing.

The Mind. Discover the remarkable power of a focused, unshakeable mind. Where thoughts and emotions come from and how to control them. You will learn that to rediscover your mind is to rediscover yourself, health, peace, love and all those states of being you desire. Within this, you will also learn how the conscious mind affects the subconscious mind and that which we like to call ‘the unconscious mind’.

*. Emotions. Understand what emotions are, and how they affect our thinking and actions. When we raise our emotional awareness (emotional intelligence), we can allow them or change them into something more acceptable. Emotions can and will affect our health and wellness, both physically and mentally. For example, many who suffer heart attacks, experience them purely because of stress, frustration and anger.